The  NAVIGATION LIGHTS  are those that are installed on board in any type of vessel whose purpose is to alert the other vessels that are in the area of ​​their presence, give information on the maneuverability, in which direction it advances and the different ones characteristics so that they are correctly identified and maneuvers are facilitated to avoid collision. The characteristics that the navigation lights, colors, arcs of visibility, scope and relative position of installation must contain, are established by the  International Regulation to Prevent Collisions (RIPA)


At night, the use of lights is mandatory in any boat. So the following is the description of the different lights that should be displayed on the boats which depend on the characteristics of each boat:

  1. White all-round light  This light is used for anchoring light on those motor boats less than 12 meters long. It can be used by combining a stop light and a single-light white light that must be seen by other vessels from any direction.
  2. Stop Light: it  is projected forward in the bow it must be white. Its use is mandatory in all motor boats. If any boat does not carry this type of light it is because it is a sailboat sailing.
  3. Band lights or side:  They must be red or green, you can also combined lights as they allow you to see the boats approaching from the sides. The red light indicates that the port side is visible (left) and the green one indicates that the starboard side is visible (right).
  4. Light of reach: it is of white color is located in the stern which covers a horizon arc of 135 degrees visible until 67,5 degrees from the stern.
  5. Trailer light:  its color is yellow and has the same characteristics as the reach light.
  6. Flashing light: it  is a light that causes flashes with a frequency of 120 flashes per minute.


Upper boat 50 meters:

  1. Light from stop to forward.
  2. Second stop light, aft and higher than the bow.
  3. Band lights.
  4. Light of reach.

Minor boat 50 meters:

  1. Light from stop to forward.
  2. Light of reach.
  3. Band lights

Boats smaller than 12 meters:

  1. All-white light
  2. Band lights.

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