Are you looking for a motor yacht to go out for a well-deserved vacation? Ibiza Discovery Charter offers you a wide catalog of marine transports perfectly cared for and handled by experts, if you wish. This company has managed to position itself in the European market as one of the most important boat rental in the continent.

In you can enjoy motor yachts that are characterized, mainly, by their speed. You will not have to invest too much time in the sea, since this type of boats will make you reach your destination very soon. In this way, you will enjoy more time relaxing and enjoying the views.

Comfort wherever you want

The motor yachts that Ibiza Discovery Charter offers have a cruising range that will offer you the comfort you are looking for and you deserve this holiday. In addition, the stability of this type of boat is practically perfect , so none of the travelers will have problems during the ride.

Thanks to the fact that the draft of Barracuda ibiza motor yachts has a sufficiently comfortable size, you can anchor in shallow bays without any problem. If you are worried about this point, since you do not have a high knowledge of how to drive a yacht, rest assured! Barracuda ibiza offers the possibility of hiring experts to accompany you during the trip.

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