The  toilets  on boats have a fundamental role, since it is a tool that will help you eliminate the depositions, the bad odors, reduce the consumption of cleaning water for cleaning and avoid certain contaminations to the environment, in addition, all the existing models, are perfectly designed so that everything works in a correct way and cleaning on the boat does not become a real problem. In short, it has a functional and comfortable service. Toilets should normally use seawater to clean, and a drain to a sewage tank.


  • Electric toilets: The following models have to be highlighted in these electric toilets:
  • Raritan electric toilets: Those that rinse and drain simultaneously, and that can also be handled in a manual way.
  • Jabsco electric toilets, 12v and 24v: They are those that are made of white porcelain enameled.
  • TMC electric toilets: Those that put dice of three different models and in different voltages, which are large, deluxe and compact, which can perfectly fit the budget of any navigator.
  • Manual toilets: Those that are made of porcelain and have a PVC water pump. If you have a manual toilet and want to convert it into an electric one, you will only need a manual to electric conversion kit, where you simply replace the manual pump with the electric pump.
  • The chemical toilets: They are specially designed for those boats that do not have an on-board water system, therefore, they must be used with the liquid for chemical toilets, which will eliminate all types of organic waste and leave an odor in the very cool bathroom.

Advice regarding Nautical toilets

  • If the  toilet  is manual or electric, it is best to leave it dry completely, without a drop of water inside.
  • In case they use fresh water, it is necessary to do a good washing of the system with water from the supply, to completely empty the hoses.
  • In case they use salt water, it is necessary to close the seawater suction valve, so that in this way, they ensure that there is no waterway or flood for that reason, either, they must leave inside the the pump or cup, salty water remains because it rots and leaves a bad smell.

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