The city of Ibiza is a beautiful aquatic city which is characterized by its beautiful ports and the large number of sea boats that we can observe in its ports, with beautiful beaches, reefs that attract the attention of tourists, among more surprises, is the island with more leisure of the known Balearic Islands belonging to the beautiful country Spain.

This city has also gained fame for the rental of boats of the best quality for tourists who want to explore the surroundings of the island, dive, explore the surprises that keeps the sea or just spend a romantic moment as a couple, between the large number of shops and rental services one stands out for its quality in their vehicles, the really affordable prices, the guarantee and security they give to their customers, this is

This is a European company that not only specializes in boat rentals, but also in the sale of accessories and spare parts for boats of all kinds, all of the highest quality, offers tourists of the beautiful city Ibiza the best yachts, boats, sailboats, among other types of boats to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the island with elegance and comfort of first quality.

Among the different boats that rent the one that has become popular due not only to its comfort but also its speed, elegance, capacity and performance is the sports boat Glastron model 245 GT, which has a beautiful white color with black stripes that give it a unique style, apart from its seat upholstered in brown leather give a truly unique comfort.

The sports boat Glastron model 245 GT, as mentioned above has two seats one for the driver and another for the co-driver, in the horn has a U-shaped seat in which more people can sit to enjoy the beautiful view of the sea, in the back of the boat are located another U-shaped seat giving a capacity for eleven or twelve people, not to mention that in the bathing platform has two folding seats that surprises users.

This beautiful boat has a beautiful bimini awning which can be easily placed and removed, has a navigation system with GPS of the latest generation, a stereo sound system Sony brand to listen to good music in the company of friends or family, has a bliss integrated fresh water to remove excess salt from the body, a mini fridge for snacks and a beautiful bathroom cabin. Rent this sports boat here for this summer at Ibiza

Curiosities of the sports boat Glastron model 245 GT

This beautiful sports boat has a Volvo Penta engine, catalogued by many experts as a monster racing in the water perfect for fast trips over long distances, its fuel capacity is one hundred and fifty-one liters, has a normal speed of twenty-eight knots and can reach a maximum speed of forty-two knots, its bathroom cabin is very nice with its own sink, the toilet on the other hand is portable so you must throw away the needs made by the conduit connected to the toilet.

In conclusion, the sports boat Glastron model 245 GT is the best option to rent for crossings is around the beautiful Ibiza island, which keeps a lot of secrets either in its surroundings or under the sea waiting for you to explore.

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