Nautical Toilet

The  toilets  on boats have a fundamental role, since it is a tool that will help you eliminate the depositions, the bad odors, reduce the consumption of cleaning water for cleaning and avoid certain contaminations to the environment, in addition, all the existing models, are perfectly designed so that everything works in a correct way and cleaning […]

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The  NAVIGATION LIGHTS  are those that are installed on board in any type of vessel whose purpose is to alert the other vessels that are in the area of ​​their presence, give information on the maneuverability, in which direction it advances and the different ones characteristics so that they are correctly identified and maneuvers are facilitated to […]

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Nautical Fire Extinguisher

Although it sounds weird and impossible to believe, also being in the water, incidents with fire can occur, which require the implementation of a  nautical fire extinguisher , thus, this is an implement  that you can not forget to  buy and have it in the list of articles necessary to equip your boat correctly and completely. Remember when you buy […]

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