Although it sounds weird and impossible to believe, also being in the water, incidents with fire can occur, which require the implementation of a  nautical fire extinguisher , thus, this is an implement  that you can not forget to  buy and have it in the list of articles necessary to equip your boat correctly and completely.

Remember when you buy this utensil  must be the right size to the proportions of the ship . Consult all your doubts regarding how to handle and manipulate it. Think at all times about the importance of fast action on your part to be necessary to any type of circumstance while on the high seas.


Not always commented but it is advisable to take some kind of introductory course, not only in terms of handling a ship, but also the correct and proper use of these tools that are unique to safeguard lives at all times.

For this reason, you should not miss the opportunity to opt for our products, which as you know, are the best currently in Europe,  with physical stores in Portugal and Spain,  but we also have very good promotions (arranged ), do not forget to stop by, where you will find multiple options, choosing the one that best suits you and your needs.


Do not forget that we have a warranty for two years once you have purchased our product, in this case  Firekill automatic fire extinguisher  of approximately 6 kilos for inboard we can say that it is approved, can be placed in the engine room, placing it on the engines, it even has a heat sensor that is activated when it is at 93 degrees of temperature,  has 2 types of outputs , with two tubes for full motor application, also has a manual trigger.

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