Rent motor yachts in Ibiza

Are you looking for a motor yacht to go out for a well-deserved vacation? Ibiza Discovery Charter offers you a wide catalog of marine transports perfectly cared for and handled by experts, if you wish. This company has managed to position itself in the European market as one of the most important boat rental in the continent.

In you can enjoy motor yachts that are characterized, mainly, by their speed. You will not have to invest too much time in the sea, since this type of boats will make you reach your destination very soon. In this way, you will enjoy more time relaxing and enjoying the views.

Comfort wherever you want

The motor yachts that Ibiza Discovery Charter offers have a cruising range that will offer you the comfort you are looking for and you deserve this holiday. In addition, the stability of this type of boat is practically perfect , so none of the travelers will have problems during the ride.

Thanks to the fact that the draft of Barracuda ibiza motor yachts has a sufficiently comfortable size, you can anchor in shallow bays without any problem. If you are worried about this point, since you do not have a high knowledge of how to drive a yacht, rest assured! Barracuda ibiza offers the possibility of hiring experts to accompany you during the trip.

Nautical Toilet

The  toilets  on boats have a fundamental role, since it is a tool that will help you eliminate the depositions, the bad odors, reduce the consumption of cleaning water for cleaning and avoid certain contaminations to the environment, in addition, all the existing models, are perfectly designed so that everything works in a correct way and cleaning on the boat does not become a real problem. In short, it has a functional and comfortable service. Toilets should normally use seawater to clean, and a drain to a sewage tank.


  • Electric toilets: The following models have to be highlighted in these electric toilets:
  • Raritan electric toilets: Those that rinse and drain simultaneously, and that can also be handled in a manual way.
  • Jabsco electric toilets, 12v and 24v: They are those that are made of white porcelain enameled.
  • TMC electric toilets: Those that put dice of three different models and in different voltages, which are large, deluxe and compact, which can perfectly fit the budget of any navigator.
  • Manual toilets: Those that are made of porcelain and have a PVC water pump. If you have a manual toilet and want to convert it into an electric one, you will only need a manual to electric conversion kit, where you simply replace the manual pump with the electric pump.
  • The chemical toilets: They are specially designed for those boats that do not have an on-board water system, therefore, they must be used with the liquid for chemical toilets, which will eliminate all types of organic waste and leave an odor in the very cool bathroom.

Advice regarding Nautical toilets

  • If the  toilet  is manual or electric, it is best to leave it dry completely, without a drop of water inside.
  • In case they use fresh water, it is necessary to do a good washing of the system with water from the supply, to completely empty the hoses.
  • In case they use salt water, it is necessary to close the seawater suction valve, so that in this way, they ensure that there is no waterway or flood for that reason, either, they must leave inside the the pump or cup, salty water remains because it rots and leaves a bad smell.


The  NAVIGATION LIGHTS  are those that are installed on board in any type of vessel whose purpose is to alert the other vessels that are in the area of ​​their presence, give information on the maneuverability, in which direction it advances and the different ones characteristics so that they are correctly identified and maneuvers are facilitated to avoid collision. The characteristics that the navigation lights, colors, arcs of visibility, scope and relative position of installation must contain, are established by the  International Regulation to Prevent Collisions (RIPA)


At night, the use of lights is mandatory in any boat. So the following is the description of the different lights that should be displayed on the boats which depend on the characteristics of each boat:

  1. White all-round light  This light is used for anchoring light on those motor boats less than 12 meters long. It can be used by combining a stop light and a single-light white light that must be seen by other vessels from any direction.
  2. Stop Light: it  is projected forward in the bow it must be white. Its use is mandatory in all motor boats. If any boat does not carry this type of light it is because it is a sailboat sailing.
  3. Band lights or side:  They must be red or green, you can also combined lights as they allow you to see the boats approaching from the sides. The red light indicates that the port side is visible (left) and the green one indicates that the starboard side is visible (right).
  4. Light of reach: it is of white color is located in the stern which covers a horizon arc of 135 degrees visible until 67,5 degrees from the stern.
  5. Trailer light:  its color is yellow and has the same characteristics as the reach light.
  6. Flashing light: it  is a light that causes flashes with a frequency of 120 flashes per minute.


Upper boat 50 meters:

  1. Light from stop to forward.
  2. Second stop light, aft and higher than the bow.
  3. Band lights.
  4. Light of reach.

Minor boat 50 meters:

  1. Light from stop to forward.
  2. Light of reach.
  3. Band lights

Boats smaller than 12 meters:

  1. All-white light
  2. Band lights.

Nautical Fire Extinguisher

Although it sounds weird and impossible to believe, also being in the water, incidents with fire can occur, which require the implementation of a  nautical fire extinguisher , thus, this is an implement  that you can not forget to  buy and have it in the list of articles necessary to equip your boat correctly and completely.

Remember when you buy this utensil  must be the right size to the proportions of the ship . Consult all your doubts regarding how to handle and manipulate it. Think at all times about the importance of fast action on your part to be necessary to any type of circumstance while on the high seas.


Not always commented but it is advisable to take some kind of introductory course, not only in terms of handling a ship, but also the correct and proper use of these tools that are unique to safeguard lives at all times.

For this reason, you should not miss the opportunity to opt for our products, which as you know, are the best currently in Europe,  with physical stores in Portugal and Spain,  but we also have very good promotions (arranged ), do not forget to stop by, where you will find multiple options, choosing the one that best suits you and your needs.


Do not forget that we have a warranty for two years once you have purchased our product, in this case  Firekill automatic fire extinguisher  of approximately 6 kilos for inboard we can say that it is approved, can be placed in the engine room, placing it on the engines, it even has a heat sensor that is activated when it is at 93 degrees of temperature,  has 2 types of outputs , with two tubes for full motor application, also has a manual trigger.